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Victoria University Student Paramedics Association


What Does VUSPA Do?


What kinds of events do VUSPA organise?

Lots of events!

Social events, educational events, regular on campus barbecues, access to events organised by other societies and professional bodies. Plus the famous end of year student paramedic ball!



How does VUSPA further the education of student paramedics?

In many ways!

Besides from arranging continuous professional development sessions, VUSPA also arrange self directed learning sessions for students to work on anything such as skills development or exam preparation. In addition, VUSPA members who also take out SPA membership receive a 20% discount from medical publisher Elsevier.


What does VUSPA do to advocate for the interests of students?

Plenty, but we want to do more!

VUSPA strives to maintain professional and robust relationships between students, the college, the university and other relevant organisations and bodies and is happy to represent students where it is appropriate. That’s why we need a strong membership base. The more of us, the stronger our voice!


What benefits do I get if I join?

Many benefits!

VUSPA members enjoy free access to many of our events, priority booking to our large ticketed events, access to events from partner student paramedic associations, discounts on merchandise that we sell, opportunities to work with our committee and make a positive contribution to the university experience of your peers while gaining access to valuable work experience and networking opportunities.

Student engagement

What opportunities can you get with us?

Whatever you like!

We encourage our members to get involved with everything we do at a level that suits their time. Everything from simply helping us flip sausages and burgers at a BBQ to helping to organise and run a major professional development night or even the end of year Student Paramedic Ball!


What leadership opportunities do VUSPA provide?

Plenty, but we want to do more!

Every year members elect our executive committee where you can seek out roles such as president, secretaries or specialist roles such as education, social and media/communications. We are also able to seek out student leadership training and opportunities provided by the university which will be recorded on your official academic transcript.